Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post-Full Circle

A year passed.  Being a freshman happened.  So many other things, too.  The experience was incredible.  But where am I now?  Being at home, I struggle to figure out what changed.  I must have grown.  I saw new things, reveled in independence, conceived heartwarming friendships, and found perspective.  As a student, I am better.  But... I didn't do anything.  The world is no different.  For everything that my life gave to me, what did I give back to my life?

Maybe life moves too slowly.  Maybe I move too slow.  Maybe I'm weird and the things I want are in short supply.

For now, I'll grow.  Pain will lose its meaning, and I'll learn to keep my head up and be courageous.  I'll build up relationships.  One of them will be come my somebody special.  I'll learn things, I'll get smarter, I'll figure out my plans for changing the world.  One day, I'll finally have had enough sleep and wake up, ready to get to work.  For now, I need to dream like my life depends on it.