Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Hate Letter

Dear Humanity,

Get over yourselves.  You are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Appreciate, revere, and be in awe.  Take responsibility for your decisions and see the effects of your decisions.  Stop being douchebags.  I hate you, yet I can't escape feeling morally obligated to you.  You are a disgusting and filthy race that does more damage to the world than any other entity.  I resent the fact that some of your constituents are astoundingly beautiful, because it means I can't justify an unsophisticated blanket statement about your gross stupidity.  You force my thoughts and emotions to be complicated and difficult.  You collectively take credit for those few outliers who strive to surpass their miserable condition, whereas most of you bask in mediocrity and apathy.

****, ****, ****, ****, you ****ing ****-****ed **********s.

Love those around you.  Propose and sustain peace.  Alleviate suffering.  Change the world in ways that most refuse to acknowledge as advancement.  Create legends that surpass those you used to worship.  Open your mind and experience the ineffable miracles of the Universe.  Put those ineffable experiences to words in an intrinsically flawed process of recreation.

Figure out what matters in life.  Relinquish the possessions, responsibilities, and relationships that don't matter to you.  You can only destroy negativity by conceiving beauty.

While you struggle with your absurd existence, I'm going to educate myself in as many ways as possible to develop the skills and knowledge that will allow me to grant some different species the power of language.  Since our one sample is completely lost in a labyrinth of meaningless inventions, society needs to find constituents with the capacity to start fresh.