Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Alright.  Rest up tonight to make a huge dash for the finish starting tomorrow.  This organic chemistry exam will be incredibly difficult, and I have two chapters to read.  I haven't even started making the handy flashcards that got me through the last one.

So because I'm going to be so busy tomorrow, I want to take note of an idea that I had tonight.  I think I figured out how to make my secret society-changing, paradigm-shifting idea into a successful business model.  So, here's what I need to remember when my finals are over, hopefully to work on during this winter break:

Refine how advertisors reach their audience
Refine how audience receives advertisements
Commissions for contributors
Associate with research institutions
Focus on community
Put a higher premium on good site organization
Transparent to public (don't push membership)
Copyrights on content

And the tasks I think I can work on in the near future:

Search for interested personnel
Flesh out business model
Estimate relative costs and payoffs
Brainstorm potential pathways to starting up
Identify what motivates people to participate in communities
Identify what keeps people engaged with a particular interface

Things that I'll leave to the future, or may delegate to people who are better qualified:

Actual web design
Obtaining assets
Legal concerns
Making connections to the right people/institutions